Connecting artists with fans

Take the work out of email lists.

Easily collect fans' cell phone numbers to text them when you come back to town or release new music.

Maximize fan interactions

When you interact with fans at a show, the FuseBop platform allows you to build a long lasting relationship by easily collecting their phone number so you can keep them informed via text message about your next show in town or when you release new music.

Market to your most valuable fans

When a fan makes a purchase at the merch booth
You know they spend to come to your shows
You know they spend on merch

Why are you not spending your marketing efforts on those fans?

FuseBop maeks it easy.

Sign up now to start capturing your most valuable fans' phone numbers so you can easily remarket right to their phone via text message.

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No gimmicks. No credit card required. Create unlimited events and collect unlimited phone numbers for free. You can upgrade anytime to send messages.

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